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Anthony’s Work Plan for Fixed Income – Summer 2013 Tuesday April 9-­‐ • Anthony has received a copy of the quarterly report • We’ve decided that Anthony will send any work that is done within a week time period, on Sunday evenings. That way, if he is unable to complete the work during the week due to full time employment, he will have the weekend to do it. • Anthony completes finals on the 24th, so he will begin his fixed income work following that date General Overview: From a learning perspective, I think the initial part of research should be directed at understanding the material. So to begin with, for the first few weeks, Anthony can do reports on the current holdings as well as general information reports regarding bond and economic concepts.

Following this, Anthony can to do research and reports/presentations on reallocating the portfolio based on our economic outlook. Should the state of the economic outlook deviate from our expectations, Anthony can explain in his reports as to why he believes we should change our outlook. Our current economic outlook is stated in our 2013 first quarter report (attached). Weekly Basis: • Economic Report (To begin June 2) o One page minimum o Discussing Canadian economy specifics and economic indicators o Discussing U.S. economy and any developments o Any International economy developments • Holdings Performance o Quick overview of performance o Reasons as to why the price change occurred/ didn’t move Other Work assignment Due Dates: May 5 – Bond concepts (As many pages as needed) • Explain: Duration, convexity, YTM, yield, credit spreads, face value, term length, Types of bonds

May 12 – Bond Concepts (2 pages) • Explanation on how the concepts learned in the previous week are incorporated or effect our portfolio. (ie. 1. Do we have low duration? If so, why? Should that be changed? 2. What kind of credit spreads exist in our holdings? Which types of bonds/etf’s have larger/smaller credit spreads? Why do we/would we hold them or not hold them? Etc.)

May 19 – Canadian Economic Report (minimum 2 pages) • Discuss the current state of the Canadian economy • Discuss possible indicators to pay attention to in regard to inflationary or interest rate risks in the portfolio. • Include discussions on everything from unemployment, exports, currency value, housing starts, housing prices, Corporate Capex, or anything which your research leads you to believe is relevant to monitoring the state of the economy. May 26 – Holdings update only (extra time to work on the larger report due the following week) June 2 – In depth Economic Report • Explanation regarding the current situation in each of the following markets: Canada, U.S., Europe, and Asia. (Minimum 1 page for each) • Explanation on why developments in these markets would effect our holdings (minimum one page for each). Note: Once Anthony has an understanding of why certain economic situations are important for us to pay attention to, his weekly economic report wont have to be so in depth. He will just be able to state the situation on any new development and a quick note as to its effect or possible effect on our portfolio June 9 – Opinion Report/ Critical thinking (1-­‐2 pages) • Based off the reports and learning in the previous month: • State your thoughts on our FI holdings. Good, bad, and why? • Should we be looking to sell something? Or to buy something? Why? June 16 – Recommendation 1 (minimum 2 pages) • Based off the report in the previous week, pick a bond ETF, Canadian or American, which could be a potential buy June 23 – Recommendation 2 (minimum 2 pages) • Same concept as the previous week. Recommend another possible buy June 30 – Resubmission of Buy Recs • Resubmission of reports from the previous two weeks with revisions due to any comments from Mitch or the IC July 7 – Second Quarter Report • Modeled off the Q1 report. Include everything that was included in the Q1 report July 14 – Weekly reports only July 21 – Resubmission of Q2 report due to comments from IC and Mitch

July 28 – Weekly Reports only August 4 – Updated and revised economic forecast from May 19 and June 2 • Economic outlook August 11 | August 18 |-­‐ Weekly updates August 25 | Given the extent of the workload through the summer, I think it would be appropriate for Anthony to finish off his last three weeks with a lesser load of only doing the weekly performance and economic updates.

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