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Hidden Agendas

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The systematic institution of racism constitutes a systematic accumulation of effort that goes unnoticed behind the façade presented to the audience. Hidden agendas surreptitiously make the effort to facilitate subordination of the disenfranchised and powerless amidst the easily perceived promising future of equality. In the following response, I will argue the integration of humanist ethical ideologies that illicitly and surreptitiously generate racist ideologies that subjugate the colonized non-Western “other”. Social Darwinism, eugenics, imperialism, nationalism, cultural relativity, and multiculturalism are the main ideas that support my argument which will be subsequently elaborated on.
For centuries, the doctrine of white male hegemonic enslavement has dominated, degraded, and dehumanized the disenfranchised and powerless from the privileged. The beliefs, values, culture, and ideology that all these different number of systems of thinking would create the knowledge of humanitarian effort to intervene in trying to justify and clarify racism without question. Universalism helped to fuel the binary opposition of the colonizers versus the colonized. The binary system is far from valiantly subverting stereotypes, such manufactured ideologies are deeply invested in upholding stereotypes, which in turn generates the idea of “difference” and this difference plays a role in sustaining racism. In other words, if words like “progressive” and “civilized” are tied to the group “colonizers” then in the negative antonyms of those words like “traditional” and “backwards” will be tied to the group “colonized”. This method of categorizing is innately a human construct. As a result, the majority (colonized and/or “non-Western other”), are universalized that all non-Western “others” are assumed to be backwards and needs a constant progression in the strive for modernity (Malik...

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