Hidden Treasures

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Table of Contents

Acknowledgements - 3 -
Introduction to the project - 4 -
Introduction - 5 -
Saru Wala Maqbara - 6 -
History - 6 -
Present condition - 7 -
Ali Mardan Khan’s Tomb - 8 -
History - 8 -
Present condition - 9 -
Dai Angas Tomb - 11 -
History - 11 -
Present condition - 11 -
Asif Jah’s tomb - 13 -
History - 13 -
Present condition - 14 -
Dai Angah Mosque - 15 -
History - 15 -
Present condition - 15 -
Wazir Khan’s Baradari - 17 -
History - 17 -
Present condition - 18 -
Maryam Zamani Mosque - 19 -
History - 19 -
Present condition - 19 -
Anarkali’s Tomb - 21 -
History - 21 -
Present condition - 21 -
Zebunnisa’s Tomb and Garden - 23 -
History - 23 -
Present condition - 23 -
Nadira Begum’s Tomb and Garden - 25 -
History - 25 -
Present condition - 26 -
Kamran’s Baradari - 27 -
History - 27 -
Present condition - 27 -
Government Efforts - 28 -
Conclusion - 31 -


I would like to extend my thanks to all those people how have help me supported me during the field work and course work of this project .I would specially like to thank my fellow student for helping me out with the project furnishing there ideas correcting my mistakes and shearing there knowledge in the subject. Specially Amad Rasool, Fahima khan and Zeeshan Ahmad.

Big thank you to my sister and mother who had to bear with me during the field work of this project .Special thanks to my brother with out who’s support ant expertise this project would not have taken a present able shape.

Further more I would like to thank following people for giving me their valuable time and sharing their knowledge with me MR.Fiaz Ahmad and MR.Ali Raza.…...

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