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Axia College Material
Appendix H
Ray Greene

Currency Conversion Design Assignment—Hierarchy Chart

Complete a hierarchy chart for the application above by typing into the textboxes below.

Part II

Axia College Material
Appendix I
Ray Greene

Currency Conversion Development Assignment—Flowcharts

Complete the flowcharts for the assignment above by typing into the textboxes below.

Control Flow Diagram—Main Control


Control Flow Diagram—Display Menu
| |
|[pic] |

Control Flow Diagram—Get_Int_Value
| |
|[pic] |

Control Flow Diagram—Convert Currency
| |
|[pic] |

Control Flow Diagram—Display_Results
|[pic] |

Part III

Assignment: Currency Conversion Design

Ray Greene II

• Complete the hierarchy chart in Appendix H and the flowcharts in Appendix I, based on the
Currency Conversion requirements and Input-Process-Output table you generated in…...

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