High-Risk Activities

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They say that young men are drawn to high-risk activities, and I can agree with this. A lot of times young men will go seeking activities that they see as fun and exciting, however others think that they are dangerous. Being a young man and being around them all the time I definitely see this first hand. Young men around my age are always striving to be the best in just about everything we do we are always pushing each other to our limits and see how far we can go. Therefore we always want to be better than one another no matter what that might be, and a lot of the times we do high-risk activities to prove ourselves to each other or try and one up our friends and impress other people around us. For example when Christopher McCandless wanted to do a very high-risk activity and go to South Africa to help with the racial oppression: “He spoke seriously to his friends about smuggling weapons into that county and joining the struggle to end apartheid” (113). Chris was serious because even though this activity was so dangerous he didn’t care because he wanted to prove to himself that he could do it. On weekends is when young men tend to do their high-risk activities and this was also true for Chris:
“It Was Friday night, and I assumed we were headed to Georgetown to party. Instead, Chris parked down on Fourteenth Street, which at the time was a real bad part of town. Then he said, ‘You know, Eric, you can read about this stuff, but you can’t understand it until you live it. Tonight that’s what we’re going to do.’ We spent the next few hours hanging out in creepy places, talking with pimps and hookers and lowlife. I was, like, scared” (114).
Chris was definitely a young man to be drawn to high risk activities, this was the sort of thing Chris would do for his weekends instead of like his friends go to Georgetown to party. Life is short and young men feel like they have…...