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High-Risk Family Assessment and Health Promotion Paper

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High-Risk Family Assessment and Health Promotion Paper
Shova Rajbhandari
April 23rd, 2012
Tracy Kramer MSN, RNC, FNP

High-Risk Family Assessment and Health Promotion Paper
For High risk family assessment: Intravenous Drug users (IDUs) family is chosen
Common health issues /profile among members or families from this high-risk group: Drug abuse involves the regular taking of a deleterious or noxious quantity of any drug,

prescribed or illicit over a period of time (Freidman, 2003). Those people who become severely

drug dependent most often need specialized treatment in order to recover. A wide range of

treatment is available through private sector and public sector. Recovery treatment centers

usually incorporate the family into treatment plan, which makes it more effective in their

treatment of the substance abuser.

> HIV positive IDU and family members
> IDU has a wide range of coinfections, coinfections, comorbidities and injecting related health issues. The common health problems in this IDU family are:
• Infection with blood borne viruses, including hepatitis B, C and D (delta) leading to liver diseases
• Bacterial infections: tuberculosis, bacterial pneumonia,
• Alcohol dependence and alcohol-related liver disease
• Poly substance dependence
• Psychiatric comorbidity, including depression.
• Deep venous thrombosis (DVT)
• Local soft tissue and vascular injuries, including skin abscesses and thrombophlebitis
• Smoking-related illnesses and chronic diseases.
• Mental health problems There are some mental conditions that may result from, or be exacerbated by, the use of substances such as alcohol, cocaine and opioids. The following types of mental disorders were observed in this family depression, chronic affective disturbance of mood (Ch.ADM), and mental adaptation disorders...

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