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High School Education vs College Education

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High School Education Vs. College Education

High school and college are both learning institutions. Having an education plays a very important role in our lives. Some people assume that high school and college are a like because they’re both places to receive an education. There are similarities in high school and college, but numerous differences. A college education is more challenging than a high school education. My high school education was fairly easy. After being out of school for 10 years, I decided to enroll in college. Although my high school education was fairly easy, trying to receive my college education is challenging. Receiving my college education is challenging because I have to deal with time management, being responsible and attending class. Time management plays an important role in receiving my college education. Time is one thing you can’t get back. In high school, I followed the schedule I was given at the beginning of the school year. I had plenty of time to study and complete my work. On the other hand, in college, my adviser helped me select a schedule according to my daily life. I have to make time to study and do my assignments; now that I’m in college. I’m a single mother ,so I have to help my children with there homework , prepare dinner, and get them ready for bed. Because I have a lot to do on a daily basis, the time management tip I use is prioritizing. I make a list and do the most important activity first ;then I go down the list until it’s complete. Although time management is important, being responsible plays an important role too. It’s my responsibility to study and to complete my assignments. In high school, my teachers made sure I was completing my assignments and turning them in on time. I could do make up and turn it in late. My high school teachers would inform me If I wasn’t doing well in class....

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