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Higher Education: a Wise Investment

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Higher Education: A Wise Investment

The world is perpetually changing, and people are changing with it. Every day, there are new demands, necessities, and ways to achieve success in the 21st century. Consequently, to evolve at this rapid pace, people desperately seek opportunities to grow intellectually and feel they have succeeded in life, because everyone has his/her own inner power to make the world better. According to a contemporary model of a liberal society, humans are placed in the center of the planet around them. They are not just observing what is going on, but also participating. They have the right to express their opinion. These ideas might seem to be not very related to an educational process. However, a basis of such concepts like a freedom of speech, a critical thinking and self-respect are formed at school and polished at higher educational institutions (Bronfenbrenner). Everybody has a unique individuality. Studying at a university or college is efficient for liberating consciousness and developing the creativity of young people. Thus, investing into a higher education might lead to efficient results in this sphere. All around the world, universities are considered to form free-thinking members of the democratic society. The latter tend to make themselves and their communities better (Sokol). It is quite difficult to state that attending a university is a sine-qua-non for everyone in society. However, most experts would agree that higher education certainly is a very wise investment, one that has the potential to change lives for the better. Assuredly, there are many young people that do not see themselves working as clerks at offices or living in laboratories for the rest of their lives. For these people, higher education might seem unnecessary, even cumbersome. Still, what these young adults do not know is that higher...

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