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Higher Order Thinking Skills

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TEACHER Self Evaluation of a Lesson
| |Highly Effective |Effective |Improvement Needed |Does not meet Standards |Score |
| |4 |3 |2 |1 | |
|Design of Lesson |The lesson was designed with clear, measurable |The lesson was designed to focus on measurable |The lesson was designed with some consideration|The lesson was aimed primarily at entertaining | |
| |goals closely aligned with standards and unit |outcomes aligned with unit goals. |of long-term goals. |students or covering textbook chapters. | |
| |outcomes. | | | | |
|Use of Higher Order Thinking questions (HOTS) |I included higher order thinking questions within |I included some higher order thinking questions|I focused on implementing the lesson plan and |I was rigid and inflexible with the lesson plan and| |
| |the lesson to exploit teachable |within the lesson to take advantage of |sometimes missed teachable moments and the |rarely took...

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...Education the first level of thinking I noticed was that of Knowledge(Evaluating) because the task in which the teacher was presenting require different cognitive strategies. The teacher showed students a picture of the block center as well as the art center. She then demonstrated her purpose of the picture to the student by pulling a marker out of the bag asking them where they think it should go. After the teacher saw that the student had grasp the concept of knowledge she provided each of them the opportunity to collect an item from the bag. Meanwhile, during the process of small group the teacher ask question about other selected item the children used that also required them to think. The students developed their knowledge of different learning and thinking strategies as well as their use. In the second videoTechnology in Early Childhood Family Education Classrooms the next level of thinking I noticed was Analyzing where the teacher used the smart board of breaking knowledge into components and determine the relationship of the components to one another such as the schedule that required the students to think about green choices at circle time that require the students to come uo and find their name, and how they related to the overall structure of holding their attention for half an hour where they come up and do and hear things on the smart board. The finally video Introduction to Large Group I noticed the level of Creating thinking to build a sense of......

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