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To ensure customers have a great experience, it is necessary to provide them with excellent customer service. I feel that the base of good customer service is being friendly, and engaging (through tone, body language and facial experience) when conversing with a customer and provoking them to take an interest into Benefit cosmetics. I'd ensure that all questions and concerns are answered so that the customer feels entirely certain and more knowledgeable. I also feel that expressing gratitude to customers before they leave the store is highly important, as this will convey that their time is appreciated and will be eager to return.

During my work placement in a busy environment, I had to complete particular tasks by a certain time, in order to make sure I complete all tasks before the shift is over. I dealt with this by time-keeping mostly, so I'd always keep track of the time, to ensure I am working at a steady pace yet still carrying out the job to the best of my ability. I made sure that all tasks were carried out within good time, without rushing and without decreasing quality.

If my best friend had to describe me in 3 words, she would use organised, motivated and out-going.
A quality I have that could inspire customers is my willingness to engage and talk openly with anybody, from any walk of life. Another quality I have is that I am very determined, and always try to remain this way even through situations which I may deem difficult to handle. As opposed to shying away from the situation, I will deal with a situation to the best I can. Lastly, I feel that feeling comfortable within my skin, could inspire customers (especially in relation to makeup) to step beyond the comfort zone they may have created for themselves (for example, regularly wearing nude lipsticks, and trying a fuchsia shade for a change) as I feel self-confidence is key to trying new…...

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