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Hill Country snack food Co. Case

Hill Country’s operating strategy and its impact on business risk & financial strategy
The operating strategy is to produce high quality products through efficient, low-cost and aggressive operation as well as singular management. In detail, the company provides several kinds of snacks to satisfy different type’s customers. The company expands its presence into sporting events, movie theaters and other leisure events to attract customers. An efficient and low-cost operation is achieved by strong control of budgets and costs. Customers are satisfied by companies’ quick react to their requirements or preferences and reinvent and expand its products, showing the efficient management for the customer requirement. Also, all decisions are made in order to build shareholders' value, indicating singular management.
For the business risk, the snack foods industry was very competitive, facing off against competitors like PepsiCo and Snyder’s-Lance very day. In this high rivalry industry, company could not succeed by price increase. And unfavourable cost due to both internal and external factors is not easy to control. In order to control the business risk, the company is actively involved in the budget approval process, and the operating strategy has very important part to keep the costs under control.
For the financial risk, the more debt financed the higher financial risk it is. The company's risk avoidance strategy is manifested in its financing decision. The company is managed in preference for equity finance and against debt finance, investments are funded internally.

The optimal capital structure for Hill Country
The optimal capital structure is the capital structure at which the market value is maximised and the cost of capital is minimised.
There are 3 alternative capital structures from pro forma 2011 financial...

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