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Him Challenges

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In the health information management (HIM) profession, there are many challenges and constant changes related to healthcare data. High-quality healthcare data is essential in order to create meaningful data. Electronic health records (EHRs) are a big part, and an increasingly important aspect of data quality. Data is analyzed and managed by the health professional, to be incorporated with new and changing technologies. Concerns have arisen with healthcare data, increasing the need for data integrity and reliability. Healthcare data will require constant improving to maintain quality.
Healthcare leaders face many challenges related to data, such as the transition to the ICD-10-CM/PCS data system and producing meaningful use with data given. Other issues that occur for healthcare leaders, are maintaining compliance with clinical documentations and health data reporting requirements, whether by data entry or the software program itself. They must also ensure the health information exchange (HIEs) is worthwhile and that it will be sustainable.
EHRs are used much more now than in the past and have become a staple in healthcare settings. EHRs have created options for healthcare organizations to choose from, in order to record documentation. Complaints and concerns have developed, in regards to electronic health records (EHRs). Since EHRs are being increasingly integrated into all aspects of healthcare settings, issues “regarding the integrity, reliability, and compliance capabilities of automated documentation processes,” have come to the surface of complaints and concerns. Because of these issues, healthcare data has to be on top of their data quality, management, and integrity full-force. To address quality issues, the Journal of AHIMA has established guidelines to follow in order to prevent data fraud. The HIM profession incorporates these documentation...

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