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Subject | Marketing | Nature of the Assignment | Individual Handwritten Assignment | Assignment Submission Period | 9th March 2016 to 31st March 2016 | Last Date of Acceptance | 31st March 2016 |

Write down a critical evaluation of a company (allotted as per your roll no) over following points: 1. Overview of the Company ( Maximum 3 pages ) i. Brief history ii. Current size, the areas where the company is operating, growth and profitability etc. iii. Product/ Service Portfolio 2. The selected Product / Service ( Maximum 2 pages )
(You have to select any one service /product or service /product category of the allotted company) iv. Product Overview v. Market Share overview 3. Overview of the market and Customer’s ( Maximum 2 pages ) 4. Overview of the competition( Maximum 2 pages ) 5. Micro and Macro Environment Analysis ( Maximum 3 pages ) 6. Marketing Strategy (Consider the points which ever are applicable to your product/ service , minimum 10 to maximum 20 pages ) vi. Product Strategy vii. Pricing Strategy viii. Promotional Strategy ix. E marketing Strategy x. Sales and Distribution Strategy xi. International marketing strategy xii. Rural Marketing strategy xiii. Physical Evidence Strategy xiv. Process Strategy xv. People Strategy xvi. Marketing to BoP

Ashok Leyland is an Indian automobile manufacturing company based in Chennai, India. Founded in 1948, it is the 2nd largest commercial vehicle manufacturer in India, 4th largest manufacturer of buses in the world and 16th largest manufacturer of trucks globally. Operating six plants, Ashok Leyland also makes spare parts and engines for industrial and marine applications. It sells about 60,000 vehicles and about 7,000...

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