Hip Hop Essay

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Arjun Vyas
Professor Ron Westray
MUSI 2520B
January 10th 2012

Hip-Hop has been and will continue to be one of the most powerful cultural movements of the modern world. It is best acknowledged for its influence on the music industry. Before hip-hop developed publicly, it was a local marvel that had blown out generally in underprivileged areas all over New York City. Ever since then Hip-Hop has been able to influence people to act differently. The popularity of Hip-Hop has been subjugated by business individuals to create profit. Of all the performers on MTV, rappers receive the most attention for their ability to extend their ability to express their views in bold manners. Hip-hop has developed significantly since the end of the 1980’s when it was considered to be the CNN for black youth by Chuck D. It was inevitable for Hip-Hop to arise from the underground sound and become more commercialized at one point or another. However, whether this movement was a negative or positive phenomenon is argued about by many.
Commercialization is usually the application of business in order to profit or to exploit. This method has remained one of the objectives of people in the hip-hop culture. Hip-hop gives people the opportunity to show their talent of rapping, break-dancing, DJing and graffiti to earn money and live what was considered an ideal lifestyle. The culture of Hip-Hop is entering the mainstream via the use of music and proper publicizing. A few people make it and become very successful and others do not succeed and ruin their reputation. Jay-Z is easily one of the most successful hip-hop artists having had a net worth of approximately $500 million in 2011. Jay-Z has sold around 40 million albums around the world and has received multiple Grammies as well as nominations. Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs, the founder of Bad Boy Records, also is the founder of the…...