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Hip to Be Square

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Options for Square: Organic Growth
• Continued Growth
• Huge Unserved & Underserved market
• Focus on core value dx and competency
• Might not be enough new customers to sustain growth • Already have scooped up early adopters
• Risk being driven out by new disruptive technology • Highly imitable – startups and new entrants can copy
• Organic Growth tends to push sustaining technologies upward relative to performance demanded by low end of market

Reactions from Competitors
• Copy-cats

Organic Growth likely to drive technology improvement

Companies must continually look for ways to take advantage of the opportunity they’re creating, or be vulnerable to resulting disruptive technologies.

Options for Square: International Expansion

Massive untapped opportunities in other markets, engine for growth •

Can focus on “best fit” markets

International Growth likely to accelerate technology improvement

International presence allows for better fit for large, international retailers if pursuing Adjacency strategy.


Existing established international market copy-cats, and new copy-cats will emerge.

Differing regulations or business environment, could require new features, development, versioning products, feature creep.

Partnership Risks, entering some markets without strong partnerships is highly problematic

High Capex

Reactions from Competitors

Increase in the number of Copy-cats

Steadily make market look more attractive for large companies

Will increase the number of apparent low end opportunities as new markets are developed, increasing the likelihood of an unanticipated disruptive technology.

Options for Square: Adjacencies

Large retainers, “Whales”, highly profitable, major brand win, single partnership can...

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