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How does HIPAA serve to protect patient rightsI
HIPPA is there to protect the rights of patients that need help or service, so that their information is not shared with anyone else but whom they give consent, or agree to let someone else know their history or information. HIPPA protects the client’s rights so therefore, their information is not public and it is against the law for their information to be shared or put in public.
What areas of the JSBMHA did HIPAA compliance impact? It affected the client’s rights that their personal information would not be shared with anyone. In addition, the patient confidentiality act was misused in this situation.
What actions should the JSBMHA director take about the HIPAA violation? Explain your answers in detail.
I think the director should have a meeting with both Jim and Betty. The director should information them that the clients grandmother was sitting at the table next to them and heard what they were saying. The director should inform them of the HIPPA law and of the company’s polices. They should not be talking in a public place that anyone could over hear them and that was against the law. If Betty needed help about this case, she should have taken the proper steps in getting others involved that could know information bout the client and in the proper setting. I feel the director needs to make them know this was wrong, and they should be punished for their actions. I feel they should be suspended and have to take the necessary training in the HIPPA law. After they complete the training and return to work, they should be put on a probation term. I also feel the client should get informed and know of the action that was put in...

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