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There is confusion regarding the dates and works surrounding Hippocrates. There have been very few records (date wise notes and proofs) found on his medicinal works, theories and life. According to most historians Hippocrates was believed to have been born somewhere around 460 BC in Kos or Cos, an island in Greece. Hippocrates’ fame gathered around medicine. He was the father of medicine. Greek politics and governance had opposed Hippocrates’ theories and approaches. For this reason the great physician had spent two decades in state prison. Hippocrates wrote his very famous book of medicine 'The Complicated Body' when he was in prison.
Hippocrates was probably the first medicine man to have started thinking that diseases are common and natural occurrences and not due to some external forces like superstition or gods. Pythagoras and his disciples had credited Hippocrates for associating philosophy and medicine. Hippocrates stated that disease was created by environmental factors, diet, and living habits. This has been affirmed by the ‘Hippocratic Corpus’ (a collection of several medical works completed in ancient Greek eras having strong association to Hippocrates and his teachings). Plato’s works have mention of Hippocrates.
The world and philosophy of Hippocratic medicine was very different from modern medicine. Hippocrates worked mostly in lines of anatomy, humorism and physiology. Hippocrates and his Hippocratic medicine were themed on ‘crisis’. The term crisis was a point of progression of an illness that either had the power to kill a person or a patient could recover from it naturally. Hippocrates is believed to the person to have propounded this theory. Hippocratic medicine stood on therapeutic approach. The theory of crisis was the founding base for Hippocrates and his medicine. Hippocratic therapy followed nature and believed in the…...

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