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Hiring the Right Employee Is a Challenging Process

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Hiring the Right Employee is a Challenging Process Mary Mac Church
Chamberlain College of Nursing

In, the 1940’s, it was perfectly legal to refuse to hire, promote, or fire someone because of race, ethnicity gender or religion. The legacy of Pitney Bowes historical leadership and job opportunities provided to African Americans played a pivotal role in decades of change in diversity management. Organizations that realize the advantages diverse employees will increase profits, productivity, long term growth and overall success (Harvey & Allard, 2012). The goal is to make race, sex and religion irrelevant in the hiring process. In fact, the civil rights movement established state and federal laws that bar employers from discriminating against employees.
The recruitment process involves many steps, which include advertisement, screening, preparation and decision- making. It is important to collect and review a fair amount of applications. It crucial to screen all applicants, analyzing their qualifications, skills and experience. Resumes are very useful however they don’t provide the individuals work ethic. It is critical to interview the most qualified candidates.
The Atlanta based Fortune 500 Company is looking for a sales representative that is articulate, sophisticated and knowledgeable about fiber optics. After closely reviewing the four applications I initially chose Karen. It was based on having the most experience and highest credentials. Although she intends on relocating and lacked the commitment so I was forced to pass over her application. It is too costly to take on an employee that cannot make a commitment. I believed the company would benefit from Jack’s diversity however, he lacked the experience and knowledge required for the position. Therefore, I narrowed it down to Lynn and Jyoti. Lynn admits to needing improvements in language which is a consideration in the front line of sales. I believe it is permissible to ask applicants about their ability to speak English or a foreign language if it’s required for the job. She is very knowledgeable in fiber optic but she didn’t have any sales experience. I chose Jyoti since she is the best candidate of the position. She has the greatest amount of experience, knowledge and qualifications.

Harvey, C. P., & Allard, M. J. (2012). Understanding and managing diversity (5th ed.). Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: Prentice Hall.

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