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Online Hiring Tools Are Changing Recruiting Techniques In chapter 6 and the articles assigned, it is discussed how to select employees and what is the process of this selection. The article that I have chosen from The New York Times talks about how companies struggle in order to get employees, that is of course that are well qualified. In the article the writer gives us an insight to what is like to be in an HR department that now uses the web in order to find their employees and how frustrating it can be to get all these resumes that do not match the position you are trying to fulfill. Opower (company featured in this article) struggled to narrow down their choices and actually ending up hiring the applicants, although they did use some sort of incentive the people working in HR to do their best with compensations ex. 1000 dollars to the referring employee of the referral being hired. Compensation or retribution is one of the 7 c's that where mentioned in one of the outside readings, which talked about how to hire great employees and keep their performance being outstanding at their new job. What I noticed in the article is that Opower focused more on hiring personnel and making sure it performed well one they had a job by putting them to work as much as they could. But the root problem is that they were not considering the right criteria to hire them like being competent capable most important compatible to the new environment because if an outside star can not adjust well to their new environment, chances are that they wont be as bright or at all in their new position. Opower should be more cautious in the personnel selection and analyze the utility that the future employee has to the company. But before hiring just because they look great on paper they should make sure to give them different kinds of interviews such as behavior and situational ones in order

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