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Hiroshima Assignment #1

Miracle, when used in biblical context, is an "event in the external world brought

about by the will of God" or "an occurrence that cannot be explained by the senses". When

focusing on the Biblical interpretation of the word "miracle", it is clear that the Hiroshima survivors

truly went through an extraordinary, remarkable experience. The chances of these people surviving

were so slim, it was truly a work of God. There lives were sparred for a higher purpose. Only

eight blocks away from where the bomb had dropped, one home was left in good condition. The

church that had been right beside it was completely destroyed, almost no remains. Inside the home

were eight German Jesuit missionaries who were constantly praying and spreading the word of

God to the Japanese people. They meant no harm and were there on a peaceful mission. After the

bomb went off, these men survived with only minor injuries. They continued to live with a strong

faith in God. There survival was truly a work of God. Besides those eight German Jesuit

Missionaries, Father Wilhem Kleinsorge, Dr. Saski, and Reverend Mr. Kiyoshi Tanimoto all went

through experiences that just can not be explained by the senses, there survival truly was a miracle. One survivor, Dr Sasaki was a surgeon in the Red Cross Hospital in Hiroshima. After

the bomb went off, he was the only unharmed physician left. He sprung right into action treating

thousands of dying and wounded people. After the war Dr. Sasaki spent much of his time

researching radiation sickness and other effects of the bomb. Throughout a large portion of his

career, he spent long hours taking care of patients. His hard work allowed him to become a

successful doctor. After some time he was diagnosed with lung cancer, he then spent much of his

time with family. When his wife died from breast cancer he went through a very hard time. All of the gruesome memories from the bomb really took a toll on him. The author says "In

1951, Dr. Sasaki decided to quit working for the hospital, with its awful memories" (Hersey 103).

Although he saved so many, he was not satisfied with his past and was never fully able to go on

with his life. At that time German Jesuit priest Father Wilhem Kleinsorge was living in Hiroshima.

Having survived the bomb he spent his time comforting people and families. Although having

survived the bomb he did suffer from radiation sickness which made him weak. Because he was

not a Japanese person, he was able to recount on what happened and how the Japanese people

responded. He spoke about how they suffered silently. With his new interest in Japanese people he

wanted to unite with them, "He registered himself as a Japanese citizen under the name he would

henceforth bear: Father Makoto Takakura" (Hersey 111). His citizenship showed how much

appreciation he had for the community. After having survived the bomb, Reverend Mr. Kiyoshi Tanimoto helped rescue many

wounded people. His extreme luck of being uninjured made him guilty because he was healthy

while so many people were suffering. Mr. Tanimoto says, "Excuse me for having no burden like

yours" (Hersey 38). After the war Mr. Tanimoto travels regularly to America to promote peace.

However, although he has good intentions, his publicity seems to backfire because he is seen as

siding with the Americans. He dedicated most of his life after the bomb and war to helping people. Father Wilhem Kleinsorge, Dr. Saski, and Reverend Mr. Kiyoshi Tanimoto all went

through experiences that just can not be explained by the senses, there survival truly was a miracle.

They were chosen for a higher purpose in dedicating their life after the bomb to helping people

which is what all of them did. It is truly a work of God that they survived without any major

injuries. These few all pushed on into trying to restore order in Japan and helping many people.

Works Cited

1. Hersey, John. Hiroshima. New York: A.A. Knopf, 1985. Print.

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