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The article “University- Industrial Research Collaboration- Advantages of the Collaborative Relationships, Disadvantages of the Collaborative Relationships,” begins by citing historical examples of intellectual collaboration. The article breaks advantages of collaborative relationships as social benefits, university benefits, and company benefits. Some disadvantages of collaborative relationships include restriction of academic freedom and ownership issues that can lead to lawsuits. The article concludes with a discussion of the role of collaboration in biotech development and start-up industries and state economic development.
This article from Eastern Michigan University discusses the benefits of research collaboration. One benefit discussed is that collaboration ensures a more effective use of individual talents. The article also discusses that working collaboratively can allow individuals to acquire new knowledge and skills from other team members. The article states that collaboration may be a source of stimulation and creativity and provides intellectual companionship. The article concludes with the discussion of collaboration extending individual’s research network and enhancing dissemination of projects.
This article discusses the benefits of collaboration and teamwork. Teamwork is said to increase productivity, collaboration is said to increase profitability m and both are said to foster diversity. This article does not address any potential disadvantages to teamwork or collaboration
This article discusses the drawbacks of working as a team as opposed to working independently. The disadvantages of collaboration discussed include miscommunication. A team can’t function properly unless they have a cohesive mindset and attitude; if even one team member is not on board, the team will not function properly. If a team is unable to select and respect a leader to organize themselves the team can become disorganized and dysfunctional.

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