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Causes and Outcomes of the Revolution

Part 1: Causes

Complete the grid by describing each pre-war event and explaining how it contributed to the Revolutionary War.

|Pre-war event |Description |Contribution to the Revolutionary War |
|French and Indian War| | |
|Sugar Act |Was the first tax on the American colonies imposed by the British parliament |It helped to ignite the Revolution by enraging the American colonists |
|Stamp Act |Imposed tax on all paper documents in the colonies |It strained relations with the colonies which rose in armed rebellion against the British|
|Townshend Acts |Imposed duites on glass, lead, paints,paper and tea imported into the colonies. |Americans viewed this as abuse of power, resulting in the passage of agreements to limit |
| | |imports from Britain. |
|Tea Act |To raise revenue from the colonies but to bail out the floundering East India |Colonists boarded east India company ships and dumped their loads of tea overboard. |
| |Company | |
|Intolerable Acts |Were a series of laws issues by king George 3 in response to the colonies Boston|Caused the king to

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