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I learned a lot from watching the four videos provided this week, some of the

videos had more important parts and least important parts included. The first video was

Freedman or Freedmen. This video discussed many topics such as how many slaves after

They were freed, changed their last names. They did this for many reasons such as they

did not have a name, they had their owners names or they wanted to move on from their

past as slaves and Morgan Freemen wondered if his had been changed. The people in the

video were well known names and asked for their thoughts and opinions on what it

may have been like for these people to find out they were free and the thoughts that they

have had. A monument was put up for black fallen soldiers and actor Chris Rock along

with others found their ancestors fought in the Civil war and some seen the documents

and their families names on it. The most important part of this video in my opinion was

that they created a monument for the blacks that fought and died for our country and that

they were recognized for doing this brave act. The least important part being the opinions

on their ancestors feelings toward freedom and what they may have felt, only those who

were slaves would know the answers, we can only speculate.

The second video was called American history: The Native American Massacre. This

Occurred in November of 1864, in Sand creek. The tribe’s chief was named Black kettle,

They were not recognized by the federal government as a tribe. Early one cold morning

they were attacked and many murdered in horrendous ways, despite a flag of peace

They stopped when they thought they were all dead, yet later they would be proved

Wrong. Congress impeached the governor and the Colonel of the Militia was dismissed

and that was the only punishment. The most...

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