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In the pictorial, Miss Colombia’s School House (1894), my initial impression is that this picture serves as the basis for the term “the great melting pot”. The pictorial shows the exclusion of Hawaii and Canada from the United States at that time but the desire to include them. The views of the South are expressed with the presence of the African American child being accosted with a weapon. The picture further depicts an Anglo child assaulting an Asian child. In the back of the pictorial one of the attendees is protesting his view of socialism by carrying a red flag with the work socialism publicized on the flag. This pictorial gives a quick look in to history regarding America’s relations with surrounding nations.

Aguinaldo’s criticism of America’s policies towards the Philippines echo in the 1894 cartoon is when the Spanish was eradicated from the Philippines. It was at this moment that the American guerrilla began. Cuba was under the Spanish control and America became an ally and attempted to free Cuba from their tyrannical control. The Spanish also controlled the countries of Puerto Rico and Guam at this time. Due to the corrupt treatment, Aguinaldo deciphered that those in America viewed all native of the Philippines as savages. Due to this view the land of the Philippine Island was transformed from “a land of despotism and vicious governmental methods into an enlightened and progressive republic, with America guiding them”.

The documents suggest that American citizenship would not be allowed to people who were conquered. This believe was established because Americans believed that those individuals that were conquered would first need to be taught how to live as an American. This included exposure to discipline and the American standards. Aguinaldo expressed that he “refused to accept the American policies because of the...

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