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How did the Shang Dynasty in China differ from their ancestors?
They developed a common written language which made it easier to communicate vast distances and gave the ability to reference old texts of knowledge. They also large armies equipped with bronze weaponry to take out lesser tribes.
Who were the most powerful Zhou rulers and what changes did they bring to Chinese society?
The three Zhou kings; King Wen who expanded territory, King Wu who toppled the Shang dynasty, The Duke of Zhou who is King Wu's brother and heir. They changed politics towards a decentralized fuedal system. In which, they sent trusted relatives and subordinates to take on roles of religious, administrative, and military on their behalf.
What changes did the Warring States Period bring to China?
New military technology and tactics. Such as the mechanical crossbow which was more effective than a horseman archer. They had developed organized infantry working with calvery. They changed military generals that were born aristocrats. Eventually using tactics that would either look for advantages or disadvantages of both armies.
What type of cities made up the Harappan civilization?
The Harappan Civilization was first discovered in 1921 in the Indus Valley in present day Pakistan and India. Which showed signs of early literature. It had jewelers capable of making gold jewelry. They made bricks to a standard. Along with an advanced sewage system for their homes and structural height up to three stories. The City was able to produce cotton and cloth. Along with stone boat docks in the city ports. Figureines of pregnant women suggest their relgious links. To include large bath houses which may also be linked to their religious activites.
What changes did the Aryans bring when they came to the dominate India?
Aryans were warrior tribes which conquered with superior military technology such

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