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Hist221 African American History

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Slavery Before America History 221 American Military University

Slavery Before America This paper will focus on slavery before America and the differences in detail while under each rule. When most people think of slavery they fast forward to Slavery in the Americas because for most there is not a lot known about slavery before America. When in actuality slavery was very much present before the union of the states; and in this paper I intend to show the different slave systems and how they play a part in what we as Americans know to be slavery. According to (Scaruffi, n.d.) The Dutch were the first, apparently, to import black slaves into North America, but black slaves had already been employed all over the world, including South and Central America. For example Britain’s earliest known involvement in the western slave trade dates back over two thousand years ago. The British following the lead of the Portuguese in enslaving Africans actually began to get a strong hold on the slave trade and thus became known as the primary facilitator of slaves. With Britain now the primary facilitator of slaves, Special ships were built to accommodate the lucrative business. Under the rule of the British plantation and mine owners bought the Africans and more died in the process called 'seasoning'. In the British colonies the slaves were treated as non-human: they were 'chattels', to be worked to death as it was cheaper to purchase another slave than to keep one alive according to (Sherwood, 2007) Although Britain did not see African slaves as human, the women slaves were raped as there was no recourse for the harsh treatment of slaves no matter how heinous (including beating the slave to death) the treatment. African slaves under the rule of the British colonies were always viewed as less than human, were not allowed to…...

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