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Histographical Perspective of Religious Pluralism in Zimbabwe

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Historiographical perspectives of religious pluralism in Zimbabwe
Zimbudzana Chimudzimu julius

Religion in Zimbabwe like in the rest of Africa plays an important role in the lives of people. In Africa a person is born into a religion. Rites of passages from the time of birth, even at conception, have a religious meaning. The dominant religion is the traditional religion which is practiced in different ways in different places. The Ultimate being worshipped through the ancestors is the creator God.
All of creation is sacred. That means the trees, animals, peoples ,lands, rivers, wells, springs, forests and insects are sacred. Every space is sacred in ATR.
The advent of foreign religions has forced people to abandon the traditional religion but in practice it is not possible to abandon it completely because it does not require daily or weekly attendance. One’s family can worship for and on behalf of the absent family members.
In Zimbabwe the biggest challenges to traditional religion is/was Christianity and to a lesser extend Islam. There are records where Christianity failed to take off for very long periods. In Matebeleland the missionaries failed to make a single convert in a very long time.
Christianity made significant inroads because of empirical colonization. It was seen as the religion of the Master and as such subjects had to identify with the master.
Though there is no official proclaimed state religion, Christianity is taken by many to be the religion of the land. There is a need to be identified with Christianity because of its role in the process of civilization.
All religions in Zimbabwe are free to proselytize in any way they can. * Space is dominated by the religion with the most adherents or with money to buy space. * The country.

Zimbabwe is a land locked country south of the continent of Africa. Formally known as...

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