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* Hey Jeason , how have you been. I hope all is well with you. I know you had some question about the African American history recently. I thought I could help you answer those questions for you. I know that you don’t know too much about it because you are Asian, so I don’t mind at all to answer the following questions. What have been the experiences of this racial group throughout U.S. history? What have been the political, social, and cultural issues and concerns throughout American history? What legislation meant to constrain race within prejudicial boundaries was enacted? How did the various groups you researched fight this legislation? What legislation meant to alleviate prejudicial boundaries has been enacted? How did the various groups you researched promote this legislation? I am going to try to answer them to the best of my ability. I am going to tell you about the experience of African Amercians. *

African Americans have endured hardship over a long period of time. The struggle of Africans Americans started in 1619 when slavery started. The slaves were shipped to North America to the colony of Jamestown, Virginia. The slaves were taken from their homes with no clue to where they were going. Over the years slavery was growing very rapid throughout American. Slavery lasted for over 240 years until 1865 when the thirteenth Amendment of the Constitution brought slavery to an end. The northern states were the first to end slavery. This is just the beginning of what this racial group had to go through.

The Civil War began in 1861 between the North and South. The war lasted until 1865, and the North came out victorious. It wasn’t until after the war that the Emancipation Proclamation and the 13th Amendment that all the slaves were considered free U.S. citizen. The African Americans were overcome with joy that they were finally free. Hoping that their

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