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In chapter 5 of the book " Journey Into God's Word" discusses historical-cultural context. I thought it was a very interesting read. When people approach the Bible without concern for historical-cultural context the reader can get confused. The Bible was written many centuries ago to let people know what God was saying. If you read the Bible just to read it and without understanding its true meaning, you would absolutely have no clue on what is going on in the verses. So in order to have a good understanding you have to dig deep and open your mind about the time, place, and the author who was writing it. To be honest in my own life, I really have no experiences to share because I’m not a big reader. I believe in God but never really took the time to read the Bible to get very in dept with the scripture. If I had to give and example of an historical- cultural context that shed light on a biblical text it would be the Psalm 23. This scripture gives you several background descriptions that mean more than geographical features. Today we live in a microwaveable world where we want everything in an instant. We don’t want to take the time to read and think about things. Psalm 23, is the perfect biblical text to persuade people to study the discussion board topic. It covers every emotion that a person could possible go through in a day from trust, fear, confidence, and etc.…...