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Historical Inaccuracies In The Movie

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There is no doubt that Zack Snyder is very capable of making a wonderful film, with all of the actions and the graphics that he gave us within the hit movie 300, released in 2007. As much of a hit as the movie was, it was also riddled with historical inaccuracies. Three of such that were rather large towards the end of the movie were that only the three hundred Spartans stayed to battle, when the death of Leonidas actually took place, and when Epialtes and the men that he’d lead to the back of the Spartan army showed up. There were also a few parts that Herodotus never mentions that must have been added to make the storyline flow easier, of course, though viewers see that in every Hollywood movie.
As stated above, there are many inaccuracies within the movie. One of which was the fact that there
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In the movie, a messenger comes to tell Leonidas that a group of Persians are coming their way through a mountain path that they knew for a fact was there; they were just hoping that the Persians never found out about it. Once he has spoken his peace, Leonidas tells him to spread the news and search his sole to see if he himself wants to stay and fight, or leave. In the movie, only the Spartans stay, from what the viewers can tell, though it claims that “only a handful stay”. In Herodotus’s work, that is not exactly how it goes down. Instead, Herodotus explains that there were two ways that this could have occurred. The first is that the Hellenes came together and discussed it before the others dispersed and went back to their separate cities. The second way in

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