Historical Perspectives in Psychology

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Psychology 101, What Are The Historical Perspectives In Psychology?
In this Psychology 101 article, we ask what are the historical perspectives in psychology?

Now, this question provokes a thesis on its own, but here we evaluate specific times of extraordinary turning points leading to where we are today.

We are all psychologists in our own right.

We have the innate ability to draw conclusions by watching the behaviours of others.

So, where, whom and what legitimizes psychology as a science and how did we arrive there?

It is through history, that we have built and drawn from our own evaluations as a species. So, what is psychology?

Psychology Definition
As this is a psychology 101 based article, as always, we will start by providing a ‘working definition’ of psychology as a term:

‘Psychology is the scientific study of the mind and behaviour of humans and animals.’ Psychologists concentrate on what is observable and measurable in a person’s behaviour. This includes the biological processes in the body, although, the mind is central to the subject.

ψ - This is the Greek letter pronounced as 'Sigh' and spelled as 'Psi'. It is now used as the International symbol of Psychology.
Psychologists think it is important to be scientific in their study. This is to avoid confused thinking.
What Is Psychology?
We have covered the centralised theme around psychology with the above definition. But in order to understand the historical perspectives, we need to ask what is psychology from the original concept?

The term psychology can be disected into two words: 'psyche' and 'logos'. Originally taken from the Greek word ψυχή meaning 'breath of life' of the soul or spirit, loosely translated as…...