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1. The British had many advantages in the American Revolution. For one thing, their navy was by far the largest in the world. This allowed them to patrol the American shores and ensure that they were not receiving supplies from an outside source. Also, they had large factories which produced great cannons, muskets, and other weapons. The army also had trained engineers and experienced professionals.
2. The Americans had an advantage over the British in terms of army size. The British only had 35000 troops, 7500 of which were in Ireland. They had to hire 30000 Hessian mercenaries, five thousand of which deserted after arrival in America. England also had to cross the 3000 miles of the Atlantic ocean, and only to fight in unfamiliar, badly mapped territory. Also, British soldiers were not used to terrain. Finally, American guns were more accurate that British guns.
3. Washington would often show himself to his soldiers, which was possible because he had such a small army. Therefore, the men were more confident and trusting towards Washington, and thus the army’s loyalty was established.
4. American women made many contributions during the American Revolution. They helped make munitions, supply soldiers with food and clothing, and even took over their husbands’ trades when they went to fight. In some cases, like that of Molly Pitcher, they even fought on the battlefield against the British.
5. Congress, in order to solve the problem of financing the war effort, borrowed money by selling bonds to foreign governments, mainly France, and also to domestic investors. However, the value of this currency dropped to almost nothing. In 1781 Robert Morris was appointed superintendent of finance. He was assisted by Haym Salomon. Together, they obtained funds from the Quakers and Jews, and set straight the government’s finances, and set up a supply system for the American...

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