History and Evolution of Health Care Economics and Timeline of Funding

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Communications Paper
November 21, 2011
Professor Green

Communications Paper
When trying to inform employees and the public about what is going on in the health care organizations, many forms can be used to express this information. Information is passed down from management to employees; it is good to take notice and stress to every employee that they play a vital role in how the organization is viewed. Within any health care organization, the employees are essential components when it comes to saving the company money and making it more productive. Management needs to communicate properly and effectively to employees about the organization’s strategy and what is needed to achieve those plans. By stressing the organization’s strategy, the long-term and short-term goals will not seem so hard to achieve.
In this paper, I plan to discuss the different methods that are used in electronica medical records, one of the ways that is used in communication modal is to keep track of all the patients’ medical records, and Health care workers see this as the biggest way of communication when working as a health care giver. Electronic records have been the talk of the century, although for ages charts where the thing but, have slowly been phased out by EMR systems.
When you think about this, it opens up doors for much greater technology that could not be implemented into hospitals and doctors’ offices without the productions of EM’s. EMR’s makes the medical staff daily routine much easier when all they have to do is walk to a computer terminal to find a patients information instead of looking on a shelf for it and then having to log it and file it back after the patients visit is over with.
The use of this software in healthcare organizations has increased productivity and efficiency greatly. This software provides quick and timely accuracy when…...