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History of Quilting

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In modern times, a quilt is generally thought of as a decorative bed covering. However, the term actually originates from the sewing method. Quilting is the act of stitching through three layers of material, generally a top, a middle filler layer of down, flax or wool, and then a bottom layer. Stitching the layers to hold them together provides more insulation and warmth (History). ”One of the most universal fabric arts is quilting.” (Bonnice) In addition to providing a layer of warmth for beds, quilts were also hung over windows and doorways to help keep out the cold weather (Johnson). At first, the stitching on quilts was just a rough tying together of the material. (Lewis, p 2). The tufted quilt is tied in enough places to keep the filling from shifting and bunching (History) This method was not extremely durable, and since European women were already practiced embroiders, they began to use those techniques on quilts as well, to hold the filler materials in place better. (Lewis, p 2)
Like other household goods, quilts were brough by the colonists when they came to settle here in America. (Lews, p 10) The colonists only had the fabric material they brought with them to use. Quilts were functional items, as the women did not have time for the artistic traditions of quilting which they had learned in Europe (Johnson). As these household goods wore out, blankets were patched, and even combined with old cothes and other blankets as filler material in a new quilt. (Johnson) Fabric was at a premium during these times, and these original patchwork quilts were the most common quilts found in homes. (Lews, p 13)

Moving on from patchwork
With the establishment of textile mills in America in 1813, fabric became more availble. (Brenemen) This provided the opporunity to use quilting techniqes other than patchwork. Whole cloth quilts…...

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