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History of the Iphone

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The iPhone – Technology at its best We live in an age of information and technology where data is sent and received with the touch of a button and in the blink of an eye in most cases. Think about what one see countless times during the day; at the grocery store, in the car, at a restaurant. No matter where one goes, one can see someone with a cell phone either “attached to their ear,” sending or reading a text message, on Facebook, tweeting, on insta-gram, or reading their e-mail. The iPhone has become the modern day icon for communication of all sorts and one of the most successful products marketed to the public.
The Beginning of Apple Steven Wozniak and Steven Jobs were friends and college drop-outs; Wozniak worked for Hewlett-Packard and Jobs worked for Atari. They decided to build and market their own computer in April of 1976; this was the beginning of a company known as Apple, along with their first product, the Apple 1. The company grew from that point, year by year, in leaps and bounds, such that in 1980 Apple employed several thousand employees ("Apple-history," 2013). Apple went through several ups and downs between 1981 and 1997, not to mention several CEO’s along the way. With the loss of Steve Jobs, it seemed that the company struggled until his return in 1997. With his return, Apple started to climb out of the hole it had fallen into (Mesa, 1998). From 1997 to 2007, With Steve Jobs at the helm, Apple became a leader in the technological world of computers ("Apple-history," 2013).

Evolution of the iPhone In June of 2007 Apple entered into the cell phone market with the announcement of the iPhone. Much more than just a portable phone the iPhone allowed users to play music, movies, take and store photos, and access the internet, all through a colorful and convenient touch screen. It was introduced by Steve Jobs as a...

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