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History of the Philippine Nursing

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Early Beliefs, Practices and Care of the sick * Early Filipinos subscribed to superstitious belief and practices in relation to health and sickness * Diseases, their causes and treatment were associated with mysticism and superstitions * Cause of disease was caused by another person (an enemy of witch) or evil spirits * Persons suffering from diseases without any identified cause were believed bewitched by “mangkukulam” * Difficult childbirth were attributed to “nonos” * Evil spirits could be driven away by persons with powers to expel demons * Belief in special Gods of healing: priest-physician, word doctors, herbolarios/herb doctors

Early Hospitals during the Spanish Regime – religious orders exerted efforts to care for the sick by building hospitals in different parts of the Philippines:

* Hospital Real de Manila San Juan de Dios Hospital * San Lazaro Hospital Hospital de Aguas Santas * Hospital de Indios

Prominent personages involved during the Philippine Revolution

1. Josephine Bracken – wife of Jose Rizal installed a field hospital in an estate in Tejeros that provided nursing care to the wounded night and day.
2. Rose Sevilla de Alvaro – converted their house into quanters for Filipino soldiers during the Phil-American War in 1899.
3. Hilaria de Aguinaldo –wife of Emlio Aginaldo organized the Filipino Red Cross.
4. Melchora Aquino – (Tandang Sora) nursed the wounded Filipino soldiers, gave them shelter and food.
5. Captain Salomen – a revolutionary leader in Nueva Ecija provided nursing care to the wounded when not in combat.
6. Agueda Kahabagan – revolutionary leader in Laguna also provided nursing services to her troops.
7. Trinidad Tecson (Ina ng Biak na Bato) – stayed in the hospital at Biac na Bato to care for the wounded soldiers.

School Of Nursing

1. St. Paul’s Hospital School of Nursing, Intramuros Manila – 1900
2. Iloilo Mission Hospital Training School of Nursing – 1906
1909 – Distinction of graduating the 1st trained nurses in the Philippines with no standard requirements for admission of applicants except their “willingness to work”
April 1946 – a board exam was held outside of Manila. It was held in the Iloilo Mission Hospital thru the request of Ms. Loreto Tupas, principal of the school.

The CPU College of Nursing is one of the academic units of Central Philippine University (CPU) housed at the Loreto D. Tupaz Building. Founded in 1906 as Iloilo Mission Hospital School of Nursing, the college is the first Nursing School in the Philippines. The college is also one of the leading nursing schools in the country, ranking seventh (7th) based on the school's performance in the Philippine Nursing Licensure Examination.

3. St. Luke’s Hospital School of Nursing – 1907; opened after four years as a dispensary clinic.
4. Mary Johnston Hospital School of Nursing – 1907
5. Philippines General Hospital school of Nursing – 1910

College of Nursing

1. UST College of Nursing – 1st College of Nursing in the Philippines: 1877
2. MCU College of Nursing – June 1947 (1st College who offered BSN – 4 year program)
3. UP College of Nursing – June 1948
4. FEU Institute of Nursing – June 1955
5. UE College of Nursing – Oct 1958

Prominent personages involved during the Philippine Revolution 1. Josephine Bracken – wife of Jose Rizal installed a field hospital in an estate in Tejeros that provided nursing care to the wounded night and day. 2. Rose Sevilla de Alvaro – converted their house into quanters for Filipino soldiers during the Phil-American War in 1899. 3. Hilaria de Aguinaldo –wife of Emlio Aginaldo organized the Filipino Red Cross. 4. Melchora Aquino – (Tandang Sora) nursed the wounded Filipino soldiers, gave them shelter and food. 5. Captain Salomen – a revolutionary leader in Nueva Ecija provided nursing care to the wounded when not in combat. 6. Agueda Kahabagan – revolutionary leader in Laguna also provided nursing services to her troops. 7. Trinidad Tecson (Ina ng Biak na Bato) – stayed in the hospital at Biac na Bato to care for the wounded soldiers.

1909 * 3 female graduated as “qualified medical-surgical nurses”
Having the distinction as the first nursing school in the Philippines, the college produced the first trained nurses in the country in 1909. They are: * Nicasia Cada * Dorotea Caldito * Felipa De la Pena (Gumabong)
* The 1st Nurses Law (Act#2808) was enacted regulating the practice of the nursing profession in the Philippines Islands. It also provided the holding of exam for the practice of nursing on the 2nd Monday of June and December of each year.

1920 * 1st board examination for nurses was conducted by the Board of Examiners, 93 candidates took the exam, 68 passed with the highest rating of 93.5%-Anna Dahlgren theoretical exam was held at the UP Amphitheater of the College of Medicine and Surgery. Practical exam at the PGH Library.

1921 * Filipino Nurses Association was established (now PNA) as the National Organization Of Filipino Nurses

PNA: 1st President – Rosario Delgado
Founder – Anastacia Giron-Tupas

The Professional Regulation Commission was first created as a national government agency by Presidential Decree (P.D.) No. 223 dated June 22, 1973, signed by then President Ferdinand E. Marcos. It was previously called the Office of the Boards of Examiners created by Republic Act No. 546 on June 17, 1950, under the Civil Service Commission (CSC).

1953 * Republic Act 877, known as the “Nursing Practice Law” was approved.

NCLEX in the Philippines

NCLEXexam will start on August 23, 2007 in the Philippines, this is such a great opportunity that has been given to filipinos. The exam will start at 9 o clock in the morning. To avail the schedule of NCLEX exam in the Philippines you have to call the Asia Pacific Region, in Australia, and their number is 61-2-9478-5400, you tell them you wish to ask for a schedule exam in Makati. They would be asking for your candidate number and your credit card number and they would be asking you what schedule it is you want to take. Registration is done through the internet while scheduling is done through calling the Pearsonvue contact number.
However, for those second takers who did not pass the exam on first take should have to resubmit an application to the Board of Nursing and pay the fee to Pearson-Vue again to get the ATT. You will be unable to even schedule an exam until you have the ATT in hand.

Authorization to Test
After the board of nursing declares you eligible, you will receive an ATT letter.

You must have your ATT letter to: * Schedule an appointment to take the NCLEX. * Be admitted to the test center on the day of your examination appointment. You will not be admitted to the examination without your ATT and will be required to reregister and repay to take the examination.
If you provide an email address, all correspondence from Pearson VUE will arrive only by email. If you do not provide an email address, all correspondence will arrive only through U.S. mail.
Call NCLEX Candidate Services if you’ve lost your ATT or if you have not received your ATT two weeks after registering.
The ATT contains the authorization number, candidate identification number and an expiration date.
ATT Validity Dates * Each ATT letter is valid for a period of time specified by the board of nursing (varies from 60 days to 365 days; however, the average length of an ATT is 90 days). * Once the board of nursing declares a candidate eligible to test and the ATT letter is issued, a candidate must test within the validity dates of their ATT letter. * These validity dates cannot be extended for any reason.

Luraine Bianca I. Llanillo, R.N.

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