History of Victimology

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Back from the 1990’s emotional intelligence or (EIQ) if you prefer was and still is the biggest phase in contempory psychology. In the business world it is one of the hottest topics thanks to author Daniel Goldman, righter of Emotional Intelligents why it can matter more than IQ.
When taking the EIQ test it relayed to me a message of my results, those results were:
There's some bad news and some good news. The bad news is that your Emotional IQ is rather low. In a practical sense, this means that you are not reaching your full potential. Low EIQ has a negative impact on all aspects of life such as relationships, emotional health and level of motivation. As a result of your behavior, others may often view you as critical, inexpressive, inhibited, detached, cold, or even condescending. Your difficulties relating to others and dealing successfully with your own emotions may have a negative impact on your health; people with lower EIQs are prone to anxiety, depression, excessive guilt, aggressiveness, low self-concept, and stress-related problems. Chances are that you also have difficulty bouncing back from life's problems. Now for the good news: by learning and practicing new skills and more effective ways of dealing with people, you can significantly improve your EIQ. The benefits will be numerous, including stronger relationships, a more successful career and better health. Most of all, you will be an all-around happier person.
My experience with taking this test was hard hitting. It showed me that I need to overcome some obstacles’ in my life to be a better person. It also tells me that I worry too much about all the things in life that is uncontrollable. This test made me realize that I look down too much on myself and the abilities I have to overcome certain situations. It also helps me understand that no matter what I have to love myself and help myself…...