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I have known [] in the capacity of his World History teacher for the last four years. I taught him first during GCE O Levels and I am currently teaching him in GCE A Level. He is easily one of the top few if not the top student that I have taught in my teaching career.
[] is extremely driven and his thirst for knowledge takes him to unexpected shelves of college and other libraries around Lahore. I know this because he usually comes searching for me after these visits to discuss new ideas he has picked up or discuss subsequent book lists. He took five extra subjects at GCE O Levels and secured A*’s in all of them. Word History was one of these subjects and is usually taught only at GCE A Levels in Aitchison and at first, the school administration was reluctant to introduce it for GCE O Level students. [] decided to take the initiative to convince them that it would be a good idea and wrote an application to the headmaster detailing why the subject should be offered and then he went around convincing people in his batch to take up World History until there was a sufficient number of students to convince the administration.
In class, he has demonstrated an ability to critically analyse historical events. He presents interesting arguments that are well thought out and incisive. His subject knowledge is not restricted to the syllabus. Last week, our class was having a general discussion on Bolshevism and Marxism. I was greatly impressed by his answers and arguments that he supported through excerpts and examples from important works such as The Communist Manifesto and Slavoj Žižek's First As Tragedy, Then As Farce and by quoting important authors such as Marx and Engles. He is a critical reader and does not take things on face value. He strives to have a balanced viewpoint. To counter some arguments of Bolshevism, he later quoted Adam Smith. This is not an isolated...

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