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History in Literature

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...Studieplan over engelsk eksamens materiale Forløb og tekster fra 1.G 1. Literature/fiction and film analysis * * Working with Fiction (dokumenter): Read "The New Girl" * Litterature: 'My Son the Fanatic * Film analysis (oral): 'Crash' * Literary analysis of short stories relating to racial diversity, immigration and general social issues etc. * Texts: Aline's journey, The New Girl; The First Day (US society; Racism; Social class in the US); 'Little Things' by Raymond Carver; 'My Son the Fanatic' by Hanif Kureishi (UK Area Study); First Confession by Frank O'Connor (Ireland: an introduction-Religion). Film analysis. * Subjects related to sporting, social, political and economic themes. Films: Green Street Hooligans (Sport+UK society); Crash (US society); Bloody Sunday by Paul Greengrass (UK - Nothern Ireland); Bowling for Columbine (Guns in America). 2. UK: Area study * “Two Speed Britain” (s.54-s.63) fra bogen;” What’s up, Britain” * Tekster fra Current magazien "Margaret Thatcher", "The Rise of UKIP", "The Weird Foods Brits Love", "Jack the Ripper Stalks London" og "London's East End" * “My Son the fantastic” * Waterboys sang ”Old England” 3. USA: Political, Society and culture * "Mapping where English is not the language at home" By Dan Keating and Darla Cameron: * Cadillac advert......

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Marxist Literary Criticism of Jane Austen's Persuasion

...others and, above all, tries to relate them to historical, social, political, and economic realities” (BO). Marx argued that the real foundation of society was the economic structure, that political and legal superstructures rose from this base, and that “[i]t is not the consciousness of men which determines their existence; it is on the contrary their social existence which determines their consciousness” (BO). The most fundamental argument of Marxist literary and cultural theories is that they do not see art as something that is separate from society – art is, as Eagleton says, “part of the ‘superstructure’ of society” (5) – and the central concern of Marxist literary criticism is the relationship between the economy and the literature. Marxist critics argue that art is social because it is produced and received in concrete contexts, and because the creator is someone with a class, gender and racial identity – the author is, unavoidably, “part of her own context” (Haslett 8). Art, in Marxist readings, “is interpreted as a material practice, perhaps because it relies on ‘technology’… is concretely realised in situations which themselves are material… or is bought and sold like other commodities” (8). The first thing that one needs to do in order to do a Marxist analysis is then, according to Eagleton, “to understand the complex, indirect relations between… works [of art] and the ideological worlds they inhabit” (6). The interest of Marxist literary theories......

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...A Comparison of Dynamics in Husband/Wife Relationships in Ancient Literature Introduction Several factors and dynamics characterize the nature of the relationship between one individual and another. Such a situation occurs because human beings have different and divergent personal demands that clearly outline their identity. In any event, people treat each other depending on the kind of relationship that exists between them. Currently, in most cultures across the world, relationships can occurs between a husband and wife or father and son or young lovers. Considering the western world, ancient works of literature have documented different kinds of relationships among individuals. Again, such works of literature depict how a variety of demands and dynamics shape aspects of relationships. Sometimes, some relationships seem hard to handle especially when one or both parties fail to meet the demands and expectations of the relationship. This paper seeks to analytically compare and contrast the dynamics, implications for the actions and consequences for husband/wife relationship. In this case, Theseus/Phaedra and Orgon/Elmire relationships will stand as the reference points. As per the ancient western literature, Theseus represented the king of Athens while Phaedra stood as the queen of Greece. The story involving the two acquired its influence from the actions and tragedy that shaped their relationship and fate. Also, this story documents challenges that have faced......

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...AP English Literature and Composition 2012 Summer Reading Assignment I. DRAMA Oedipus Rex by Sophocles We are not requiring any particular edition of the play; however, we would highly recommend a version which includes supplemental materials/explanations of Greek drama and Greek mythology. Purchase, read, and annotate the play prior to the first day of class. It would be wise to focus your annotation on instances of dramatic irony, images of vision and blindness, and tension between fate and free will. The following literary analysis assignment will be collected during the second week of school. LITERARY ANALYSIS OF DRAMA In a typed, one-page essay, offer your assessment of Oedipus at the end of the play. Was he foolish? Heroic? Fated? Support with textual evidence as appropriate and follow MLA format. II. READING FOR PLEASURE Read a book—fiction or non-fiction—strictly for pleasure. Strong readers and writers have a wealth of textual experiences and a vast amount of background knowledge from which to draw. The most important aspect of this assignment is that you select a work you will enjoy reading. During the first week of class, you will conduct a book talk over your selected work in which you will “sell” the experience of reading your book to your peers, so pick something good! Some suggestions for selecting your “reading for pleasure” book include, but are not limited to: * Classic works of literature from an era, author, or genre......

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...ESSEX COUNTY COLLEGE Humanities Division ENG 232—African and Caribbean Literature Course Outline Course Number & Name:  ENG 232 African and Caribbean Literature Credit Hours: 3 .0 Contact Hours: 3.0 Lecture: 3.0 Lab: N/A Other: N/A Prerequisites:  Grade of “C” or better in ENG 102   Co-requisites: None Concurrent Courses: None ------------------------------------------------- Course Outline Revision Date:  Fall 2010 ------------------------------------------------- Catalogue Description: This course examines the literary traditions of sub-Saharan Africa and the Caribbean through an intensive study of selected works. Negritude is explored in its own right but also in its relationship with the literature of Europe and the Harlem Renaissance. Particular emphasis is placed on the socio-cultural and political forces that shaped this literature as well as the mode of presentation. General Education Goals: ENG 232 is affirmed in the following General Education Foundation Categories: Humanistic Perspective and Global and Cultural Awareness of Diversity. The corresponding General Education Goals are respectively as follows: Students will analyze works in the field of art, music, or theater; literature; and philosophy and/or religious studies; and will gain competence in the use of a foreign language; and Students will understand the importance of global perspective and culturally diverse peoples. Course Goals: Upon successful completion of...

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...Monique M. Gomez Professor Dr. Heather Lusty English 231 Sections 1003, 1004 November 20, 2013 Formal Essay Assignment Throughout the years there have been different interpretations on medieval and ancient literature. Ancient Greek literature has seemed to stem from involving many stories about the interventions of the gods and the consequences they have on man. While medieval literature is consumed by religious writings that involve a romantic hero that faces a quest of chivalry and conquers an evil villain. Medieval literature also branches from knights behaving in a certain code of ethics that involve taking oaths and being loyal to their kings and individuals while in combat. While viewing medieval and ancient literature I perceived a couple interesting aspects that are influential with modern society. Honor and leadership are seen today not only from men, but also women. Also, fidelity and women have been The oldest poem in English language literature Beowulf is one of the most symbolic forms of medieval literature to be created. The poem depicts several emotions and characteristics that are still used today in modern society. While Beowulf is still on a conquest to help the good of his family heritage, he faces a dilemma with leadership and honor. He is constantly proving himself throughout the poem to be seen as a superior dominant figure for his people and at the same time, wants to be respected and seen in a heroic light. Although this poem depicts a glimpse...

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Literature and History

...Three Native figures stand out in bold relief on the background of the history of Upper Canada - Pontiac Brant Tecumseh. Pontiac the Ottawa chief was an ally of the French and when French forces were defeated by the British, he plotted, planned and fought to keep the English from overrunning Indian country. Brant the Mohawk chief sided with the King over Congress in the War of Independence and was finally forced to lead his defeated people to Canada to find homes on Canada's soil. Tecumseh the Shawnee chief threw his fortunes and forces with the British in the War of 1812 and gave his life in their service to save for his people land they were rapidly loosing. While all three great chiefs were valuable allies of the European powers their ultimate aim was the vain struggle to save for their people a place in the sun. "Pontiac is forever famous in the annals of North America" someone wrote as early as 1765 and history has maintained his a name of note despite his failure to acccomplish the results he fought to achieve. All who knew him saw a commanding, respected, highly intelligent leader. To the author of The Journal of Pontiac's Conspiracy Pontiac appeared "proud, vindictive, warlike and very easily offended." According to a British officer who met him on one occasion, "He is in a manner ador'd by all Nations hereabout and he is more remarkable for his integrity and humanity than either Frenchman or Indian in the Colony." Little is known of the first thirty......

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...Christopher Gilchrist Professor Ms. Alyse W. Jones World Literature I - English 2111 October 7, 2012 The Universal Truths on ‘The Epic of Gilgamesh & The Hebrew Bible’ The Epic of Gilgamesh and The Hebrew Bible are considered by their audiences’ as two of the greatest literary works of ancient literature. The universal truths on The Epic of Gilgamesh and The Hebrew Bible, are most fundamental when viewed from both the contemporary and traditional audiences. Fundamentally, both audiences develop their own universal truths during the time in which the events transpired or by reading the scenic events from an anthology or other literary works. Most importantly, both literary works have sought the attention of their perspective audiences by their ancient texts, which also brought about spiritual interpretations from a religious point of view. These ancient literatures were written and re-written by numerous authors with their spiritual interpretations as their main thesis. Thus, the audiences’ philosophical interpretations create the thread that sews these two literary works to their universal truths. There are several scenes in both literatures that have similar spiritual interpretations. For example, in The Epic of Gilgamesh, “Your clothes should be clean, Your head should be washed, You should bathe in water, (Sec. 10, 77 – 79).” In this epic scene, Gilgamesh embraces the notion of cleansing himself from the darkness that was bestowed upon him. ......

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...natural human response to literature. If a friend informs you she is reading a book you have just finished, it would be odd indeed if you did not begin swapping opinions. It is inevitable that people will ponder, discuss, and analyze the works of art that interest them.         The informal criticism of friends talking about literature tends to be casual, unorganized, and subjective. Since Aristotle, Plato and other prominent literary critics, philosophers, scholars, and writers have tried to create more precise and disciplined ways of discussing literature. This day, literary criticism provides some general guidelines to help us analyze, deconstruct, interpret and evaluate different literary works. Literary critics have borrowed concepts from other disciplines, like linguistics, psychology, and anthropology, to analyze imaginative literature more perceptively. Mass media critics, such as newspaper reviewers, usually spend their time evaluating works—telling us which books are worth reading, which movies not to bother seeing. We usually see literary criticism in a book review or critical essay; however, nowadays the Internet has made all forms of criticism readily available in everything from personal blogs to social media. In this discussion, we will take a look at the different Perspectives and Techniques in Literary Criticism and how they influenced literary works.   CLASSICISM Classicism is a specific genre of philosophy, expressing itself in literature,......

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...The History of Children’s Literature EDP1: Task 1 Janet Blake Western Governors University Children’s literature is defined many different ways. It can be simply defined as a book that a child reads, or as Kiefer defined it “as the imaginative shaping of life and thought into the forms and structures of language.” (Kiefer, 2010, p.5) Literature has been around for hundreds of years, although not in the form that we are used to seeing now. There have always been stories to be told for as long as one can remember. Before the days of bound books and magazines, there were stories that were told by people in the village around the campfires, or the bards and traveling entertainers telling stories to the court in the castles. This form of literature is labeled as oral literature. Oral literature has been around as long as there has been a language to speak. It is the stories that have been passed on from generation to generation. These stories included folklore, fables, stories about animals, or stories about brave heroes who performed a majestic deed to win the hand of his true love. They were told to both children and adults alike, because children and adults were all treated similarly during this time. In the early years of the fifth century through the fifteenth century this was the avenue for entertainment and to teach many of the lessons that they needed. Children would listen to the stories that the adults would listen to. These stories were often kept or preserved...

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History of Bicol Literature

... the Pacific Ocean I the east, Lamon Bay in the north, and Sibugan Sea and Quezon province in the west. HISTORY The Bicol region was known as Ibalon, variously interpreted to derive form ibalio, "to bring to the other side"; ibalon, "people from the other side" or "people who are hospitable and give visitors gifts to bring home"; or as a  corruption of Gibal-ong, a sitio of Magallanes, Sorsogon where the Spaniards first landed in 1567.  The Bico River was first mentioned in Spanish Documents in 1572.  The region was also called "Los Camarines" after the huts found by the Spaniards in Camalig,  Albay.  No prehistoric animal fossils have been discovered in Bicol and the peopling of the region remains obscure.  The Aeta from Camarines Sur to Sorsogon strongly suggest that aborigines lived there long ago, but earliest evidence is of middle to late Neolithic life.   A barangay (village) system was in existence by 1569.  Records show no sign of Islamic rule nor any authority surpassing the datu (chieftain).  Precolonial leadership was based on strength, courage, and intelligence.  The native seemed apolitical.  Thus the datu's influence mattered most during crises like wars.  Otherwise, early Bicol society remained family centered, and the leader was the head of the family. The Bicol were described by some Spanish chroniclers as fierce warriors.  Thus their history comprises many battles against foreign...

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Short History of English Literature

...English literature - English Literature is divided into 4 Main Periods; Anglo-Saxon Literature, Medieval Literature, Renaissance Literature and Modern Literature Old English Literature or Anglo-Saxon Literature  Encompasses literature written in Old English in Anglo-Saxon England in the period after the settlement of the Saxons and other Germanic tribes in England after the withdrawal of the Romans and “ending soon after the Norman Conquest” in 1066.  Is the term applied to the English speaking inhabitants of Britain from around the middle of the fifth century until the time of Norman Conquest, when Angelo-Saxon line of English kings came to an end.  The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle has also proven significant for historical study, preserving a chronology of early English history.  The lyric and epic poetry they wrote told of the hardships of survival and the importance of courage in performing heroic deeds. English Literature during the Medieval Period  Is a broad subject, encompassing essentially all written works available in Europe and beyond during the Middle Ages. The literature of this time was composed of religious writings as well as secular works. Just as in modern literature, it is a complex and rich field of study, from the utterly sacred to the exuberantly profane, touching all points in-between. Works of literature are often grouped by place of origin, language, and genre.  Latin was the language of the Roman Catholic Church, which dominated......

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...HUL 231: INTRODUCTION TO LITERATURE History and its representation in literature * The Holocaust Name: Pooja Nath Entry No: 2009CH10087 Group No: 1 Contents | Chapter | Page Number | | | | 1. | Literature from the Holocaust: An Introduction | 3 | 2. | Piecing Together History: Stories of Survival | 4 | | Map: Nazi Concentration Camps | 4 | 2.a | Before the war | 4 | 2.b | During the war | 5 | 2.c | After the war | 6 | 3 | Maus: Graphics and Symbolism | 6 | 4 | Comparative Analysis: Understanding the Characters | | 4.a | Sophie and Vladek | 8 | 4.b | Sophie and Anja | 9 | 4.c | Nathan Landau and Holocaust survivors | 10 | 4.d | Stingo and Art as narrators | 10 | 5 | Bibliography | 11 | Literature from the Holocaust: An Introduction “The Jews are undoubtedly a race, but they are not human.” Adolf Hitler Official figures tell that six million Jews, two million Poles, one million Serbs, five million Russians were exterminated during World War II – the actual toll of executions by the Nazi Government, can never be estimated. Holocaust was a period of unspeakable horror and infernal ramifications which were not only felt across Europe but also in places like Laos. When I began this term paper, it was meant to be a study of the literature pertaining to this period of Nazi regime in Poland during World War II. What it turned out to be was a account of implacable and starkly real evil. A subject that has inspired countless......

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History of English Literature & Henrik Ibsen

...History of English literature & Henrik Ibsen History of English literature is started from 325 BC. The oldest genre of literature is poetry. Though there is no pet however historically we divide history in four categories as old English, middle English, renaissance, modern literature, post modern literature. We have one of the old piece of literature as “ BEOWULF”. King Alfred and Aelfric are the pioneer of literature. Middle English literature is is also res round poetry, the key figure is Chaucer with his famous work “The Canterbury Tales”. William Langland is also contemporary to Chaucer. once we travel to 16th century we find the majestic features of English literature, Christopher Marlow, Sydney, Spencer and Shakespeare, they contributed a lot not only in poetry but also revolution of drama was brought about in the field of literature. History, tragedy, comedy plays were written. The King Lear are the great dramas of the age. Poetry also introduced romantic, classical, natural, metaphysical and super natural in subject; epics are also originated by Dryden and Pope also got popularity in 18th century. Jane Austen and Walter Scot are the prominent figures. Nineteen century brought slight changes. Now women got entered in the writers family. Emily Bronte and Charlotte Bronte also earned the fame. G.B. Shaw and E.M Foster participated in the field of essay writing. Though puritan age is one of the dark age in English history but after the restoration English literature......

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The History of the Music Business: Literature Review of Readings

...The History of the Music Business: Literature review of readings The landscape of the music business has been shaped by influential minds in music history. From as early as the 1940s to the 21st century, artists such as Nirvana and managers such as Peter Grant have made major decisions that would shape their careers and subsequently the future of the music business (Goldberg, 2008; Welch, 2003). In this literature review, the events and decisions that helped shaped the future will be examined and explored in the text to understand their impact on the music business. Ahmet was one of the influential people in the early stages of the music industry (Greenfield, 2011). When he met all the guys with independent record companies and decided they were ‘a bunch of third-rate crooks’, he like Rothchild jumped on the opportunity to get into the record business and eventually finding Atlantic records with Herb (Greenfield, 2011: 40; Goodman, 1997). But not all independent record labels were third rate crooks, Morris Levy, started from an independent record company, Roulette and was an important figure in the early stages of the music business (Dannen, 1990). He was described as the octopus of the music industry with his influences and connections, especially with the mafia who were heavily influential in many parts of the States. This would set the precedent for the future rap industry in which the themes of alcohol, stripper, violence and drugs are common and run by gangsters....

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