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1. Small group communication is a small group of people with the same goals and purpose. And also a feeling of belonging.

2. Small group consist of at least 3

3. Transitive process is simultaneously communication

4. The advantages of working in group are:

• Have more information

• Improves on learning

• Everyone can help each other

The disadvantages are:

• Someone in the group doesn’t do their part or the work.

• Always arguing and being a bully

• Not commutating and not being a team player

5. Cross functional training is training others in your group to do everyone roles

6. Social facilitation is the tendency for the presence of others to affect human behavior specific to cause people to work harder

7. Disadvantage of working in a small group:

• Too much work not enough people

• Increases there two against one in the group

8. Advantages of a small group :

• Less people in the group means more communication

• More influence can be put on in a small group

9. Primary groups are those that give people a way to fulfill their basic needs to associate with others. Like your family, co-workers,etc

10. Maslow’s Theory believes that all people have needs and that these needs have to be arranged in a hierarchy. People don’t worry about high in on till the low in taken care of.

11. Culture factors are

• Not being able speak same language

• Gender /sex

• Race

12. There a lot significant factor For interpersonal Attraction:

• Similarity- someone who just like or close to being like you

• Complementarily- some exhibits qualities that they do have but admire

• Proximity, Contact and Interaction- you tend to be more attracted to people who are physically close to you , live or…...

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