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Hius 308
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Do you believe it is correct to describe an American way of war? If so, has it existed consistently throughout the period covered or has it evolved? If you say it has not existed throughout why not?

Before I go into why or why not, it is best to describe the American Way of War? I must first get some definitions and history behind an American Way of War. First off There aren’t no authoritative listing that describe the Way of War.? But there are different perspectives on the American Way of War. One will define it as two major parts tactical way of battle and a strategic way of War. The tactical way of battle is an aggressive style were Us Military uses force to overwhelm the enemy forces, while using quick and decisive victories with minimal causalities. They are well trained in military that uses maneuvers, speed, flexibility, and the element of surprise, which relies upon fire-power and technology as their main.

On the Strategic way of war, America seeks more of an independent strategic policy success. “ The strategic way of war also includes alternative national strategies such as deterrence and a war of limited aims.” (keravouri) Weigley who was the pioneer in the book American Way of War in 1973. Described it as “Consisted of a unique American methodology: One of attrition and annihilation.” (Weigley) Also Brian Mcallister Linn describes it one step further with the attrition and annihilation. In the book the Echo of Battle: the Army’s Way of War, Linn States “appreciating a national way of war requires going beyond debates on the merits of attrition or annihilation fire-power or mobility, military genius, or collective professional ability.” (Linn)

“From a strategic standpoint, the American way of war seeks swift military victory, independent of strategic policy success; the desired political...

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