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Bus 763: Managing in Organisation
Assignment 2
Due Date – 25 March 2016
Student Name: Simrat Pal Singh
Student ID: TIZ00001KI
Submitted To: Mariana Morrison
This porter five forces was introduced by Michel e porter who was from Harvard business school in 1979, [ (porter five forces , 2016) ] these are about to find what level of competition in the industry and how we can develop our business,
Porter five forces give us analysis what is the competition in the market and how market is influence by this porter five forces and these five forces helps us to find the position of that factors which influences the market
These five forces can forecast about what profit organisation can achieve and how much success it will get, [ (model of five forces , 2016) ]
The porter five forces are as follows 1. Suppliers power = if the supplier want to reduce the profit of the organisation then supplies increases the prices of product , suppliers can also effect the availability & reduce the quality of the product , [ (supplier power, 2016) ] if there is monopoly created by supplier in the market that it’s major factor to effect the costs of product [ (poertersupplier buyer, 2016) ]

2. Buyers power = customer is king , [ (bargaining-power-of-buyers-porters-five-forces-model, 2016) ] a buyers can force to businessman to reduce their product price and give them a good customer service , as per porter five forces analysis customer [ (buyer power, 2016) ] have bargain power and customer can put competition in the market

3. Competitive rivalry = the basic main concept of competitive rivalry is how many competitors offers the same product or service, [ (industry-rivalry-and-competition-using-five-forces, 2016) ] any business can introduce a new product with low prices if it have sufficient funds , but it will affect the profit of the...

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