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Hkia Sustainability Report

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Addressing Emerging Constraints

Sustainability Report 2013/14

About this Report Message from the Chairman Message from the CEO HKIA: Sustainability at a Glance About Airport Authority Hong Kong Our Approach to Sustainability Stakeholder Engagement Sustaining HKIA’s Economic Contribution Delivering Operational and Service Excellence Managing our Environmental Footprint Supporting our People and Community Looking Forward Performance Indicators Verification and GRI Check Appendices Glossary Website Index 1 2 4 6 8 10 16 20 24 36 46 54 56 63 65 68 69

AAHK received a number of awards and recognition during the reporting period. Details are set out in the ‘Appendices’ section.

TTG’s Travel Hall of Fame

Airport Carbon Accreditation Scheme 2013-2014

28th Asian Freight and Supply Chain Awards

Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence

Green Office Awards Labelling Scheme
Sustainability Report 2013/14

UNMDG ‘Better World Company’

2012-14 Social Capital Builders Award

Caring Organisation 5 Years Plus

Web Accessibility Recognition Scheme 2014

About this Report


Report Profile
This is Airport Authority Hong Kong (AAHK)’s second annual sustainability report, covering fiscal 2013/14, ended 31 March 2014. As a statutory organisation, AAHK recognises its responsibility to be transparent about its performance and operations. This report aims to provide a reasonable and balanced view of AAHK’s sustainability performance and explain how Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) continues to support the sustainable development of Hong Kong under emerging capacity constraints. We prepared this report in accordance with the internationally-recognised Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G3.1 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines and Airport Operators Sector Supplement. As part of our...

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