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Hlt-310-V- Healing Hospital

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Healing Hospital: Grand Canyon University: HLT-310-V


When one thinks of a hospital, they automatically think of a place that people go to get better or get well if they have fallen ill or are suffering from a lengthy illness. While many people do get better or "get well" while in the hospital, do the patients truly heal? A hospital should not only be a place where wellness occurs, it should be a place of healing. Most hospitals focus on helping their patients overcome an illness or get well, but the best hospitals are those who help their patients to heal. These special hospitals that provide an atmosphere that caters to both the spiritual healing as well as the physical healing of it's patients are referred to as "healing hospitals". A healing hospital is one that helps to heal the patient as a whole person. It is a hospital that goes beyond scientifically treating a specific ailment and aims to heal the patient's physical body, mind, and soul. These hospitals are designed to be aesthetically appealing, quiet, and all around therapeutic. The staff members in these types of hospitals are trained to care not only for the patient but for the patient's family members as well. The importance of a holistic healing approach are encouraged and expected. Laurie Eberst, a registered nurse from Gilbert, Arizona, was instrumental in creating just such a hospital (Eberst 2008). Ms. Eberst's mother had previously been a patient in a hospital and Ms. Eberst was able to witness first-hand how a noisy, less than visually appealing, and sterile environment hindered the healing process. Her mother was unable to rest due to the noise and interruptions that occur in the daily, normal hospital environment. Ms. Eberst was fortunate to be involved in the creating process of Mercy Gilbert Medical Center in Gilbert, Arizona (Eberst, 2008)....

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