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If I were a manager that had to make a decision on what qualities are important in an employee and how to hire good employees for a health care organization, I would first think of how I would want healthcare professionals to treat me. Not everyone would have the exact same answers, but, I feel most people would have round about the same things.
First and foremost, the healthcare professional must be compassionate and care about others and want to increase their well-being. I am sure most of you have heard that it takes a special kind of person to work in the healthcare business. I believe that if a person honestly does not have a heart, or has no compassion for others, then they should not be working in this field. In this field, you would want people treating you with respect, compassion, etc; therefore, you should do the same for your patients, and this is for all employees, not just nurses and doctors (Fottler, Ford, & Heaton, 2010).
Next, the healthcare employee must have integrity, be honest and respect the privacy of others. Once again, you would not want everyone knowing your medical business; therefore, the employee must respect the wishes of the patient. Not only is this something that should be done, it is the law. HIPAA rules state very clearly about the privacy of medical information. If an employee does not have this particular trait, then they should not be working in the healthcare field (Fottler, Ford, & Heaton, 2010).
The employee should also be dependable, be on time and complete tasks in a timely manner. The healthcare industry is a very busy business. If employees do not show up for work, and mess around at work, this can have a negative effect on the patient. This can make wait times increase dramatically, and thus, the patient may not want to return to this particular business (Fottler, Ford, & Heaton,...

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