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Respondeat superior is when an employer is found to be responsible for the wrongful acts of his/her employees. The two legal elements that have to exist in order for the employer to be found responsible for his/her employees actions are: (1) it must be proven that the employee must have acted in their own scopes of employment, and (2) the deed done by the employee must’ve been related to his/her employment (Fremgen, 2012).
In order to be thought of as being inside the scope of employment, the employee had to find it essential to complete a duty or it would be expected that an employee will complete the job. Even individual tasks such as going to the restroom, or fixing a glass of soda are thought to be inside the scope of employment although no actual work is being done (Respondeat Superior, 2013). The employer is responsible for damage acquired by the employee inside the scope of employment regardless if the damage was caused by accident or from recklessness, and for harm done intentionally to benefit the employer. Work could be done in an unprofessional manner, and could cause harm, and sometimes, tasks are taken way overboard.
For example, a worker could be delegated to complete a task, but he/she does not feel that he/she can complete the task following the rules. For instance, a consumer is being stubborn and doesn’t want to take his/her medicine. A worker is given the duty of giving medicine to consumers. The worker may use force to give medicine to the consumer, and the worker exhausted unaccepted methods. The worker acted within his/her scope of employment in a way that connects to his/her employment. If injury or agony should come to the consumer due to the worker’s actions, both the worker and the employer could be found responsible.
Another scenario, within an assisted-living facility, a worker recklessly spills water

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