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Hlth410: Unit 5 Individual Project

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Healthcare Scenario Regarding Asthma
1. Do you think this girl is receiving adequate care?
I do not think she is receiving adequate care. If she was getting adequate care, the E.R. would have put her on a preventative asthma medication. This would control the present, nerve-wracking symptoms. Being that her mother and father can’t purchase health insurance, she is not receiving adequate care.
2. Should she be able to see a primary-care physician before her condition gets so acute that she must visit the E.R.?
Yes, she should have been able to see her PCP before her condition got so bad that she had to go to the hospital. The PCP can help her to understand what triggers her attacks, how to stay clear of those triggers, and give her a possible treatment/action plan. If she could get in to see a PCP, he/she will give the girl medication explain the medication, as well as how to take it. Also, if she were to see a PCP, she could let the PCP be aware of any changes in her symptoms. She will also be able to talk about any side-effects of her medications with the PCP. If the girl had a PCP, she more than likely would not end up in the E.R. as frequently.
3. Should everyone be entitled to a basic minimum of healthcare or to the exact same healthcare?
Yes, I feel everyone should be entitled to a basic minimum of healthcare due to the fact that basic minimum healthcare is essential. If an individual doesn’t have basic minimum healthcare, that individual will suffer from afflictions, agony, and they lose their spunk. Healthcare guarantees that individuals are not suffering needlessly. This brings me back to the girl with the asthma problems. If the condition gets too bad, she could die, and her mother is very upset. The daughter is suffering, and it is not her fault. In a civilized society, it is unethical for any individual to go

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