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Stan Ross Department of Accountancy
Zicklin School of Business
Baruch College
Internship Course for Undergraduate Accounting Students
Acc 5100, Bus 3001, 3002 and 3003 (1 credit each) Pass/Fail
Acc 5200 (3 credits) Traditional Grading
Contact Information
Professor Joseph Weintrop
Office Location – VC 13-251
Phone Number – (646) 312-3092
E-mail Address –

This course consists of a supervised internship of up to four semesters. It is based on up to three 1 credit courses and one 3 credit course and is designed to provide undergraduates with the opportunity to participate in a coordinated and supervised internship program. The 1 credit feature makes it easier for students to negotiate credit-bearing internships with employers and spread the internship over four semesters, if necessary. Students thereby gain practical experience in an accounting workplace.
Students must have attained Junior status and have accepted an offer for an accounting internship in order to register for the Internship Course.
Guidelines for Registration
The procedure for registering and completing the internship is available on the Accountancy Department Internship Website. Also available is the Internship Agreement to be signed at the outset by the student, the employer and myself (Form 1); the Student Performance Evaluation Form to be completed by the employer at the end of the internship (Form 2); and finally, the Student Evaluation of Internship, also to be completed at the end of the internship (Form 3).

Detailed Course Description
This course provides undergraduate accounting students with the opportunity to undertake fully coordinated and supervised internships. A tri-lateral contract, once signed by the student, myself, and the employer, allows the student to register and proceed with her/his studies. At...

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