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Hnc Business Mangement Human Resource Management Learning Outcome 2 & 3

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Within Escape to the Wild the new human resource management function could assist with:
Formulating and implementing new policies and procedures
Uniform training of employees
Administration of financial matters
A recruitment and selection program

A policies and procedures human resource department would allow Escape to the Wild to:
• Formulate appropriate policies that ensure health & safety regulations are adhered to as well as following legal requirements for employees.
• Formulation of working procedures alongside managers and line managers.
• Free line managers, the existing finance manager and senior managers from the human resource tasks they are currently spending valuable time on, some of which they are ill equipped to handle.

The activities that Escape to the Wild would need to undertake would be as follows:
• Formulate and agree upon policies and procedures that would be beneficial for the running of Escape to the Wild.
• Ensure policies and procedures are both in line with legal obligations as an employer as well as adhering to health & safety regulations, upholding employee rights and disciplinary action is fair and concise.

A formal recruitment and selection program would allow Escape to the Wild to:
• Provide a fair systematic approach to selection of applicants and a more overall view of those who apply taking experience and qualifications into account.
• Having the new human resource function handle this process would mean line managers would no longer need to spend precious time on this task leaving them to continue with their normal tasks.

The activities that Escape to the Wild would need to undertake would be as follows:
• Place advertisements both internally on the management information system and externally.
• Compile and send out application packs to hopeful applicants
• Arrange selection interviews to secure only…...

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