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Horrible Hoarding
Going into my closet you must understand that there is a possibility that you may not return. The piles of clothes may be harboring some type of mythical monster under them or you might just get lost in general and never find your way back to safety. I have this odd habit of keeping all of my clothes. Some say that it’s hoarding, but I prefer the term collecting! It doesn’t matter if they are too small or worn out I will insist on keeping them. After years of arguing, my mother has finally accepted the fact that I will forever collect the majority of my clothing. Occasionally, I have caught her trying to smuggle old clothing into the trash, but I continually rescue my treasures. She has even bribed me to dispose or donate what I don’t wear! Back home I have two walk in closets both filled to the max with new and old articles of clothes. I have four dressers that are cram packed as well. It truly has become a problem and I may eventually need to seek help. Although I do have very reasonable justifications!
My favorite justification to use is that someone else bought it for me! It would be rude of me to throw away a gift (even if it is from 2006 and a youth medium). I have clothes hanging in my closet that still have the tags on them from two or three years ago! I just can’t seem to let them go. They were gifts, which in my eyes means I have to keep them! I have pajama sets from when I was little that my grandpa got me. He has since passed away and I often think of these clothes as sentimental. The only problem my mom sees with that is that I then tell her every item is sentimental! She says that she could understand that I feel the clothes my grandpa bought me remind me of him, but what about all the other clothes from when I was eight!
Clothes to me bring back certain memories. Some of the greatest moments in my life I can remember exactly what outfit I was wearing! Seeing the tops or bottoms or even the shoes that I was wearing takes me back. Each stain or hole has a story behind them! To me, my clothes aren’t just pieces of fabric, they are tangible parts of my past! Getting rid of them is like throwing away an important part of my memories!
Now, occasionally I do have a plain white t-shirt that doesn’t have any value! But of course I have a great excuse to keep these clothes as well! What if I need that exact white t-shirt one day and I don’t have it anymore? Wouldn’t that be tragic? Therefor I cannot under any circumstances part with that shirt! I may want to wear it next Monday even though I haven’t worn it since I listened to the Backstreet Boys on my headset! You never know when you might need it. I like to make sure that I am always prepared!
Although I do not wear ninety eight percent of the clothes that I hoard. I do have one pair of jeans that I have had since the seventh grade and I still wear them quite often! These are the best types of clothes to collect! The old ones that still fit perfectly! Why throw away jeans that still fit? Who cares that they are torn up the thigh with numerous stains and worn so thin they don’t even feel like jeans anymore! I have rescued these blue jeans from my mother’s trash can on multiple occasions! These pants are packed full of great memories! I will never part with them!
Honestly, it is almost comical to me the way that I collect clothes because I basically only wear the same ten or fifteen outfits over and over again. That’s not the point though! The point is that each item I have jammed in my bedroom has significant value to me even if no one else understands this!

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